Ryokan Onsen Art Nature Food

Established in 1551, Daikokuya has been a beloved retreat for generations of visitors, who come to relax and enjoy its hot springs, art collection, nature, and fine food. Immersed in such an environment, guests may unwind and recharge. Current director Shunji Muroi is the 16th generation of Muroi at Daikokuya, and he was the first to introduce contemporary art here. Exquisite contemporary art and ceramics can be enjoyed in the guestrooms, corridors, garden, and each month in a special exhibition in the Salon. At Daikokuya, we believe that enjoying art within the calm, restorative atmosphere of a ryokan offers guests a unique experience, more relaxed perhaps than an urban gallery or museum.

Warm your body in the hot springs, refresh your mind by enjoying art, eat healthy food prepared using traditional Japanese ingredients and methods, and let yourself be surrounded by nature. In this way, relax, recharge and rejuvenate both your body and mind.