Yuna Yagi -Superposition-

From Thursday, 25 April until Monday, 27 May 2024, Itamuro Onsen Daikokuya will host artist Yuna Yagi’s exhibiton ‘Superposition’. Yagi graduated from the School of Architecture at Parsons School of the Arts, New York. After working in Canada, New York and Berlin, she is currently based in Kyoto. After working at an architectural office, she began to rethink the act of ‘seeing’ by photographing buildings as a photographer, and has pursued the truth of things, creating installations using visuals and phenomena, works that move between two and three-dimensional forms using materials used in architecture and other fields, and other works that consistently overlap the concept of time and space on the theme of the ‘essence of seeing’. The works are based on the theme of “the essence of seeing”. A work that combines acrylic blocks and photographs to project views from different angles of view through the refraction of light. A work in which an algorithm is applied to a photograph to distort the image on a flat surface. The artist intentionally makes viewers aware of the way they perceive things they can see through the way the photographs are presented, such as by printing photographs on metal and folding them, creating multiple perspectives for the viewer.

Statement by the artist for this exhibition

I am not sure if it was a dream or not. My alarm rang and I looked at the clock, it was 9 o’clock. I start to get ready in a hurry, as I realise that it’s already 9.00 am. Then the alarm clock rings again with the same sound, and the other me wakes up. I looked at the clock and saw that the hands were pointing to seven o’clock. I did not look at it wrong. It was indeed nine o’clock when I first woke up. The ‘me’ living a little further ahead in time and the ‘me’ in the present. A strange experience in which the present, but the now even feels already in the past. Both felt ‘real’ and as if several ‘me’s’ were spending multiple times. In recent years, I have been exploring STILL LIFE (still life) in photography by unravelling the multiplicity of ‘time’, ‘existence’ and ‘space’ that I experienced in my dreams. This time, I will present two new works that follow these themes.
The first is an attempt to overlap the sensation of dreams with the simultaneous existence of flowers, stones, dried plants, seeds, ores, metals, glass and resins, each with their own time axis. The second is to combine two perspectives: the AI-generated concept of time and the visualisation of the passage of time based on human sensation and experience. For me, they may be an act of self-identification with the multiple layers of existence brought about by the fragmentation and reconstruction of time, which is different from the ‘flow of time’ we accept on a daily basis.
The finite is ubiquitous.
This world is a collection of events.

Superposition” is the first solo exhibition at Itamuro Onsen Daikokuya. Yagi, who creates works inspired by words, has deepened his own expression by contemplating the perception of time and illusions based on his experience of reading Carlo Rovelli’s book ‘Time Does Not Exist’. In this exhibition, Hint will present a combination of his past practice and new works, comprising about 15 pieces. We hope you will take this opportunity to view the exhibition.

Dates: 25 Apr (Fri) – 27 May (Mon),  9:00 – 17:00
Closed: 14, 15, 16 May
*Open only on 25 Apr (first day) and 17 May (after the closure) at 13:00.


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